About Me

I believe the desire to adorn is what makes us human.  I am a self taught jewelry artists and  as long as I can remember I have been putting objects  together to create adornment.  Sometimes I wish I had more arms like those statues from India so I would wear more bracelets. The planet is important to me so I am moving away from gemstones and materials that are mined in other countries and am using more  recycled, repurposed  and scrap materials.   Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to forage.

I get bored with production work so many of my pieces are one of a kind.  My designs tend to be big, bold, and very organic.  I live in the woods in the Pacific NW and am inspired by the forest and nature in general.  I have a statue on top of my studio of Shiva in a burning ring of fire.  The days spent out in the Shiva Shop with my two dogs seem to fly by. Making jewelry is a huge part of what keeps me in the moment and helps me connect with spirit.  Like Shiva, I destroy one thing to transform it into another.  Blessings.  Jan E O