Beach stone stacked rock with copper Om rock cairn zen pendant

Beach stones gathered by me have been stacked and drilled to make this Om Rock cairn.  Stacking stones is a way of finding balance and pointing one in the right direction.  This cairn is two black rocks with a brown rock in the middle.  Copper spacers from bench scraps are between the rocks and the top and bottom of the cairn are brass spacers.

The cairn is drilled the way it naturally wants to stack.  From the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant is about an inch and a half.  The bottom rock isoblong and is  about an inch at the longest point which is about the size of a quarter. 

Cairn hangs from a 2mm black leather cord.  You will decide whether you want slip knot cord or a more finished cord.  The slip know will be 30 inches.  The finished cord will be finished with a clasp and a two inch extension chain.