Big bold and sassy Tiger's Eye Tree of "Fir"giveness Statement Necklace

Tiger's Eye Cabochon has been wire woven with silver filled wire and copper wires in a swirling pattern. Adorned with a fir tree this pendant is called Tree of "Fir"giveness after the John Prine song. Tiger Eye is said to keep you grounded and centered even in the midst of chaos.  Sounds like the perfect energy for a forgiveness pendant.

The pendant is three inches at the longest point and two inches at the widest.  The tree is an inch and a half tall.  The pendant hangs from a necklace of tiger's eye and brown jasper stones at the bottom section and a handmade viking chain. All the silver wire is filled with copper.  This is different from silver plate as the silver is thicker.  

The necklace length is 20 inches with a two inch extension chain to make it 22 inches total.