Boho Gypsy Trashy Tinsel Dangle Vintage Tin Earrings blue


Beautiful little tea tin of blues and shades of red was recycled to make these long dangle earrings.  If you look closely there is a tiny heart in the center of the large triangle  My brain likes to see things in designs and it almost looks like the heart is in the center of some blue cyclops alien creature. Since this is upcycled there may be some scratches in the tin but nothing that is too noticable.

The large bottom triangle is an inch long and hangs from copper chains from a smaller diamond piece of the same tin.  The diamond is about three quarters of an inch long. The total length from the top of the niobium ear wire to the bottom of the triangle is two and a half inches.  What I love about tin earrings is that the materials are so light that a long dangle weighs hardly anything.