Custom made Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Amulet in Copper and Silver


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Prayer Package Amulet was fashioned after the Tibetan Prayer Wheel.  This custom made Prayer Amulet is made of recycled copper and nickel silver and it has the word of your choice stamped inside of it.  As you wear it the breath or prana activates the prayer and sends it into your heart and out into the universe.  The amulet is made of recycled copper The amulet has been adorned with a German silver disc and is wire wrapped with copper. 

The amulet is about three inches in length including the chains and black beads.  The copper section is about two inches long and an inch wide.  The word can be seen by looking in the side of the amulet.  The Tibetan prayer pendant hangs from a 3mm leather cord which I have finished with a chain and clasp.

A similar amulet was gifted by me to the actress, Amanda Seyfried, as a part of The Artisan Group celebrity gifting progam.

Please remember to specify word and color of beads.  The size of the amulet will vary depending upon the word you pick but seven letters is about max.