Hamsa dangle earrings from recycled tea tin with niobium ear wire


Hamsa is an ancient symbol that dates back to Mesopotamian times.  Hands are for protection and are often made into jewelry or talisman.  These hamsa earrings are made from a blue, gold and white vintage tea tin.  The dangles have the hand symbol on top with a domed circle dangling below.  The ear wires are niobium which even those with metal allergies seem able to wear.

From the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the dangle is 2.25 inches.  The hamsa is over and inch long and the bottom circle hangs from a brass jump ring.  The ear wire is blue and this is produced by running and electric current through the niobium wire. 

Trashy tinsel is the name for my recycled tins because I keep rusty tins out of the land fill and I made my first pair from a Christmas tin.