Multicolored sassy tin dangle earrings one of a kind

I was sorry to see this tin be used up as it was one of my favorites.   The tin has a texture to it and so many colors it will go with just about anything. Maybe another one will show up at a thrift store one day.

The earrings are cut to follow half the design of the tin.  The tin is slightly domed and hangs from a brass wire.  The tin section is one and a quarter inches long and one an a half at the widest point.  The triangular shape with the added brass wire is two inches in length.

The ear wire is niobium which is an element and hypoallergenic.  Naturally niobium wire is grayish but color can be changed with an electric current.  Since this is an element and not an alloy supposedly no one is allergic to it.  A customer who could not wear gold or sterling turned me on niobium.