Natural beach stone and copper Om rock earrings

Black beach stones gathered on the Oregon Coast have been paired with folded copper to make these OM rock earrings.  The beach rock as been drilled and wire wrapped with German silver wire onto a slightly domed copper disc.  There is also a sterling silver daisy spacer on the front of the copper. 

The copper section of the earrings is about the size of a nickel.  With the beach rock the earrings are about an inch long.  With the sterling ear wire, the total length is one and a half inches. 

Because of the stones, the earrings are slightly heavy so the ear wire is a thicker guage to help off set the weight.  Often times, ear wires are too thin for the weight of the earring which is why they can be painful.  Since I love huge earrings I have found that a bigger guage wire helps. So Rock out with OM.