OM Stacked rock cairn Oregon Beach Rock Pendant


Beach rocks have been drilled and stacked with copper spacers to make this Om Rocks Pendant. The rocks are a bit lopsided which makes them great to fiddle with when in deep contemplation on the cosmic vibration of OM.

The largest rock is about the size of a quarter and has some brown stripes.  The middle rock is black and the top one brown.

Rocks were gathered on the Oregon Coast, drilled and stacked onto a copper wire. Cairns are used as trail markers. This pendant will help you blaze a trail to the cosmic center.

Pendant is about and inch and a half in length and hangs from a leather cord which is knotted to be adjustable. If you would like a more finished cord that option is also available.

Great pendant for either a man or a woman. Very organic, natural and full of the negative ions of the ocean. This is an earth friendly pendant.