Red and goldtone recycled vintage tin dangle earrings


Lightweight tin earrings in reds and golds made from a vintage tin.  The dangle consists of an equilateral triangle, a few copper links, and a semi circle .  You may notice that there is also a negative space of a triangle between the two components.

There is something about the design of this tin that reminds me of some sari silks.  As with many of my pieces, these are one of a kind.  Because it is made from a recycled tin, there may be a few scratches but I do my best to avoid them.

From the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the dangle is two and a half inches.  The widest part of the earring is an inch and an eighth. 

The ear wire is Niobium and since it is an element it is  hypoallergenic.  The black color is from an electric current being passed through the metal.  People who have metal allergies report these are the only ear wires that work for them.