Stacked Beach stone cairn with German silver spacers

Three beach rocks in have been gathered, drilled and stacked to make this rock cairn pendant. These rocks are from the Oregon coast. Between each rock is a German silver spacer made from bench scraps. This cairn has a blackstone on the top and bottom and a brownish one in between.   The top stone has some white marbling through it. There are two brass spacers on the bottom of the cairn.

Stacking stones has a long tradition and stones are often used to show the way down a path. This rock cairn pendant will help you stay grounded and connected. An explanation of the symbolism comes with the cairn. I try to drill the rocks the way they naturally stack. The stones turn so they can also be used as a contemplative device.

The cairn is an inch and a half in length and the largest stone about three quarters of an inch across. It comes with a 30 inch cord finished with adjustable slip knots or you the option of a finished leather cord with a clasp and a two inch extension chain. The length selection is for this option.

You can also purchase a copper mesh chain.