Steampunk winged mixed metal recycled breastplate neckpiece one of a kind statement jewelry

Copper, nugold, German silver and recycled vintage tin have been cold connected together to make this steampunk statement necklace.  The vintage tea tin peaks out behind a tin type picture of a child and a clockface.  Charms and recycled jewelry pieces have been cold connected to the front of the breastplate. There is a key charm, an old earring, a gear from a watch plus the word joy and 100percent natural.  This pendant is about the joy of existence, the timeless nature of the now, the ability to be childlike. 

The center copper section is about two inches,  The brass and German silver wings are about two inches at the top making the entire breast plate be 6 inches long.

The plate hangs from a copper chain finished with a lobster clasp and a two inch extension chain. 

The breast plate is currently 18 inches with an extension chain which makes it 20 inches.