Tribal primitive copper fold form hammered forged cuff

Copper fold form cuff has been created by heating and hammering a sheet of copper. The cuff has three different textures on it with each texture uniquely reflecting the light. The cuff is unisex and measures one and a quarter inches wide and six and a half inches long. With the gap in the back it would fit wrists up to about 8 inches.

If you have a small wist, I can cut the cuff down to fit the petite. I am happy to make a custom cuff if you have a larger wrist. Any custom requests will result in a similar cuff, but fold forming makes it difficult to duplicate exactly.

Copper is said to have healing properties. iI you have any circulatory problems it wouldn't hurt to put on a copper arm cuff or bracelet. Wearing copper can help you improve your awareness and expand your consciousness. It's particularly useful in strengthening bonds between people.

My copper pieces haven't been treated with a sealant. You can seal the cuff with clear nail polish or a spray on lacquer. Over time the cuff will tarnish and a nice rich antiqued patina will develop. If you like it shiny, a jewelry polishing cloth or toothpaste will do the trick.