Trashy tinsel long dangle vintage floral tea tin earring

Vintage floral tea tin which is one of my favorites has been re purposed to make these large dangle tin earrings.  Tin makes great earrings because they can be long and still are incredibly light weight.  A floral tin that was no longer food worthy was cut into a circular shape with a peek a boo triangle on the top.  A triangle hangs from the bottom as well.  The components are hooked together with textured copper jump rings.  These earrings show off something that was headed to the trash heap, but instead have been recycled into some wonderful one of a kind earrings.

The circular tin is an inch in diameter which is slightly larger than a quarter.  The triangle is a half an inch.  From the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the triangle is two and a half inches. 

These Trashy Tinsels hang from a niobium ear wire which has been changed to the color of yellow by shooting electricity through the wire.  Niobium is an element and hypoallergic.